Dragon Ball Complete Timeline

  Dragon Ball Complete Timeline

          This timeline contains the 24 movies and 16 seasons (or 29 sagas) of the Dragon Ball franchise and the official order they go in. I made this timeline because I was sick and tired of seeing uncompleted timelines online from people who claimed certain movies didn’t fit into the main timeline. It took quite a bit of research but it’s finally complete, with every single movie fitting into the timeline. I added where each movie goes in terms of episodes as well. I also put explanations at the bottom for the more confusing parts of the timeline. Enjoy. Also, I made a DVD guide which shows the prefered order you should watch the series/movies, I have posted the DVD Guide at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Timeline or the DVD Guide, feel free to send me a message below. All forms of feedback are appreciated. (The image below, the footer image and the header image are not my own)

           If you have any questions or comments regarding the timeline, please send me an e-mail using the device below. If you send me your e-mail address, I will respond to your comment/question via e-mail, and if you don't send me your e-mail adress, I will leave a response to your comment/question on this website's FAQ. All forms of feedback are appreciated. Please allow up to 1 week for a response.
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Q. How many DVD's are included in Dragon Ball's 24 Movies and 16 Seasons?

A. If you have the same set of Seasons that I do (Blue, Orange, and Green Brick Series) then you know there are 5 disks in each season of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, and 6 disks in each season of Dragon Ball Z. Then if you got the 4 movie packs (for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z), the 3 OVA DVD's, and the Trunks/Bardock double feature, the number of disks in the whole series would be a grand total of 110. (111 if you count the 14th Dragon Ball Z movie coming out in 2013)

Q. What exactly are the 24 Movies in the Dragon Ball Franchise?

A. To answer this question I have created a List of every Dragon Ball Movie involved with the Franchise. I left out the live-action films and just stuck to the anime films because honestly, who likes the live action films anyway? The list of movies is below.

Q. The Timeline you posted above is really long, could you make a shorter version and post it on your site?

A. I understand the timeline is really long. I have shortened the timeline by taking out the list of sags and explanations. The shortened version is posted below.

Q. If I have purchased all 24 Movies and 16 Seasons, in what order should I watch everything?

A. I understand wanting to watch the movies while watching the series, and I will tell you the order in which to watch everything. I have made a DVD guide which explains in what order you should watch all 111 DVD's. The DVD Guide is posted below.